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Date: 08-10-2016
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Date: 20-04-2016
IJCRS, will take place in Santiago, Chile from October 7 to October 11, 2016.

IJCRS 2016 call for participation


Extended Abstract Proceedings

Call for Participation   Extended Abstract Proceedings




IJCRS is the prime conference sponsored by the International Rough Set Society (IRSS). The main objective of IJCRS is to bring together:


- People working in various fields related to theoretical foundations and practical applications of rough sets

- People working in other fields, wishing to discuss their results and experiences with rough set community

- People dealing with real-world problems, wishing to discuss them with others and look for inspirations


IJCRS 2016 encapsulates four main tracks which refer to major topics of rough set conferences held so far:


- Rough Sets and Data Science (in relation to RSCTC series organized since 1998)

- Rough Sets and Granular Computing (in relation to RSFDGrC series organized since 1999)

- Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology (in relation to RSKT series organized since 2006)

- Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems (in relation to RSEISP series organized since 2007)


These tracks are fully open for both rough-set-related and not-rough-set-related papers in generally understood fields of Data Science, Granular Computing, Knowledge Technology and Intelligent Systems.



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