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Plenary Talks

An Integrated Equilibrium Model for Location and Transport Based on Markovian Traffic Equilibrium (Roberto Cominetti)

Creating Vehicle Routing Zones for Pickup & Delivery Carriers (Jonathan Bard)

Dynamic Load Planning for Less-Than-Truckload Carriers (Martin Savelsbergh)

Fifty Years of Vehicle Routing (Gilbert Laporte)

Fleet Assignment and Control Strategies for Public Transport Systems (Cristián Cortés)

Implementing Optimization Methods in Public Transport: the Reality Shock (Martin Groetschel)

Multi-Period Vehicle Routing (Bruce Golden)

Passenger Railway Optimization Problems (Paolo Toth)

Railway Track Auctioning (Martin Groetschel)

Revenue Management as a Competitive Weapon: Real Life Applications in the Airline Industry (Sergio Mendoza)

Robust Vehicle Routing (Fernando Ordóñez)

Routing Problems with Profit (Maria Grazia Speranza)

Solutions Approaches for the Log-Truck Scheduling Problem (Michel Gendreau)

Train Driver Recovery Problem - Desicion Support System Framework and Solution Method (David Ryan)


Algorithms for the Generalized Minimum Spanning Tree Problem (Victor Parada)

Heuristics for the Single and Multi-Depot Petrol Station Replenishment Problem with Time Windows (Fabien Cornillier)

Location and Routing

Branch-And-Cut-And-Price Algorithm for the Capacitated Location Routing Problem (Claudio Contardo)

Planning for the Optimal Location and Sizing of Rural Schools in Chile (Robert Dell)

Solving a Real-Life Location-Allocation Problem Via Iterative Restricted Space Search (Patrick Soriano)



An Evolutive and Constructive Approach to the Crew Scheduling Problem (Victor Parada)

Collaborative Logistics - Case Studies (Sophie D'Amours)

Cost-Raising Strategies in Distribution System Design (Maurice Queyranne)

Planning Intra-Theater Airlift (Robert Dell)


A Maritime Split Pickup Split Delivery Problem - Alternative Formulations and Solution Approaches (Bjorn Nygreen)

Routing and Scheduling in Liner Shipping (Karina Kjekdsen)


A Branch-And-Cut Algorithm for the Ring Star Problem (Luidi Simonetti)

A Stochastic Programming Approach for Designin Supply Loops (Sophie D'Amours)

Identifying the Most Likely Path on Series-Parallel Networks (Daniel Reich)

LAGRASP: A Hybrid Lagrangean with GRASP Heuristic Applied to Set Multicovering (Celso Ribeiro)

Network Design

A GRASP Algorithm for the Railway Network Design (Federico Perea)

Heuristic Solution Procedures for Covering Paths Problems (John Current)

Public Transport

An Optimization Model for Synchonizing Last Trains in a Metro Network (Cristián Cortés)

Choosing the Right Express Services for a Bus Corridor with Capacity Constraints (Homero Larraín)

Driver Assignment System for Metro S.A. (Ximena Schultz)


Public Transport Network Design

Model and Algorithms for the Transit Network Design Problem (Maria Urquhart)

Modelo de Optimización para la Logística de Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Rodrigo López)

Transit Network Design Problem: A Mathematical Formulation and Heuristic Solution (Antonio Mauttone)

Robust Logistics

An Extraction Trail Generator using LIDAR Data and Tabu Search - Preliminary Results (Nils Egil)

Robust Transportation and Inventory Planning (Mikael Rönnqvist)

The Robust Prize Collecting Steiner Tree Problem (Eduardo Álvarez)

Supply Chain

Concept of a New Logistic System for Selective Garbage Collection (Marcos Negreiros)

Zara Uses Operations Research to the Reengineer Its Global Distribution Process (Felipe Caro)


A Linear Programming Approach for the On-Line Synchronization of Traffic Signals (Pablo Factorovich)

Laboratory Evidence of Platform Height, Door Width and Fare Collection on a Bus Boarding and Alight Times (Rodrigo Fernández)

Real-Time Prediction and Update of Dynamic Origin-Destination Matrices on a Transit Corridor (Felipe Zúñiga)

Vehicle Routing

A Cutting-Plane Algorithm for the Capacited Vehicle Routing Problem with Lower Bound Capacities (Juan José Salazar)

A Hybrid HBMO Algorithm for the Capacited Arc Routing Problem (Cristián Martínez)

A New Model for Prize Collecting Location Routing Problem (Daniel Negrotto)

Multi-Objective Predictive Control Applied to a Dial-A-Ride System (Alfredo Nuñez)

Sustainable Passenger Transportation: Dynamic Ride-Sharing (Martin Savelsbergh)

The Simultaneous Vehicle Scheduling and Passenger Service Problem (Oli B.G. Madsen)


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